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Are You Wondering about Penile Implants?

Penile Implant, Chattanooga TNPenile implants have been used for more than 30 years. As common as it has been to treat longstanding erectile dysfunction with implanted devices, there isn’t much talk about this form of treatment. Until recently, there wasn’t’ much open communication about erectile dysfunction at all. You may have only heard about penile implants in your own research about how to live a more fulfilling life by improving sexual performance. If this is a treatment that has peaked your interest, chances are you have a lot of questions. Here, we touch on some of the everyday details that men want to know about penile implants.

  • Yes, orgasm is still possible. So is ejaculation. Studies have even shown that some men who have had difficulty reaching orgasm before receiving a penile implant regain this function.
  • Yes, a penile implant does show up on walk-through airport security devices. Some men alert security personnel of their implant before they step into the x-ray machine. Many men have penile implants so telling airport security should not be an embarrassing experience.
  • No, erection cannot occur naturally after a penile implant has been installed. Implant devices are easy to use and they provide immediate results, so most patients do not find this to be a problem.
  • Yes, you can still play sports and enjoy your normal physical activities with a penile implant. After a few weeks, the implant will feel completely normal. The only sport that may require a few modifications is cycling. Due to the presence of the implant, men may want to switch a smaller seat to one that is wider with an indentation in the center.
  • No, the length and size of your erection will not change with a penile implant in place. What does change, however, is the appearance of your flaccid penis. After a short time, patients get used to their soft penis appearing semi-hard after surgery.

Many benefits can be gained with a penile implant. At UT Urology, we have a compassionate staff who can answer your questions about erectile dysfunction and the value of penile implants as a form of treatment. Call our Chattanooga office for a consultation.

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