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“Herbal Viagra.” Just Don’t.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Chattanooga, TNSexual health is directly tied to performance. This is true for men and women. When a man’s performance takes a hit, he may become willing to do or take just about anything to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Due to the ease of use and convenient availability, men may lean toward Viagra alternatives that are sold online. Many of the products that are sold without a prescription include claims such as “all natural” or “herbal.” Before you put a Viagra alternative into your body, you need to know the truth.

Herbal Viagra Explained

Herbal Viagra is a catchphrase that is used by numerous manufacturers to promote plant-based products intended to increase a man’s sexual function. Some formulations contain compounds or herbs; some contain minerals and vitamins, some contain a host of ingredients that create synergy to mimic ED drugs. In some cases, the actual active ingredient used in Viagra is contained in non-regulated formulas.

How Viagra Works

Viagra and other PDE5 inhibitors increase penile function by dilating or enlarging, the blood vessels that transport blood into the penis upon arousal. The increase in blood flow is not reserved only for this area of the body, though. This is why a headache is a common side effect of ED medications. But that’s not all.

Taking Viagra or even a non-prescription alternative made with plant compounds is dangerous!

PDE5 inhibitors are prescribed only after a comprehensive health history and physical are conducted. Men who take certain medications, such as drugs to treat an enlarged prostate or high blood pressure, cannot safely take ED drugs. This could include non-prescription formulas.

The second issue with self-treating erectile dysfunction is that taking an herbal formula prevents a man from obtaining crucial medical care. Erectile dysfunction is a symptom. It tells us that something is not working right in the body. That “something” could be low testosterone. It could also be a heart condition or metabolic syndrome; conditions that require appropriate medical therapy.

The Bottom Line

There are too many variables to erectile dysfunction and a man’s health and wellness to not consult with a urologist about sexual health issues. To schedule your consultation with an experienced team, call our Chattanooga office at (423) 778-8765.

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