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Are You Doing These Things to Take Care of Your Kidneys?

Kidney Stones Chattanooga TNKidney function isn’t something most people think about. The fist-sized organs that are partially responsible for waste elimination and detoxification just work. We don’t have to know how we just have to know they’re doing their job. Giving a little TLC to your kidneys is a good thing, though, even if you’re not facing particular risks or conditions at the moment. Here, we point out four ways that you can take great care of your kidneys without much effort at all.

  1. We tend to hear a lot about the value of staying hydrated; and yet, we forget to sip a little here and there. As an alternative, what many people do is down a whole glass of water from time to time. This doesn’t hydrate, and the kidneys need a steady stream of healthy fluid coming through to maintain function.
  2. Eat well. Did you know there is a way of eating that optimizes kidney function? The National Kidney Foundation calls it the kidney-friendly diet, and you know what? It’s the same dietary structure that feeds the heart, well. Primarily, the kidney-friendly diet calls for low sodium and lots of fruits and vegetables. An easy first step in the right direction would be to steer away from processed foods.
  3. Some people refer to exercise as “getting the blood pumping.” This is exactly why exercise is good for the kidneys, as well as the heart and all other organs because it gets the blood circulating through the body.
  4. No smoking, please. Kidneys are doing enough to detoxify the body without having to face the toxic chemicals in cigarettes. Furthermore, these chemicals clog the arteries and vessels, making it harder for blood to profuse the kidneys with necessary fluid.

Kidney health is something we hope you do not have to struggle with. In the unforeseen circumstance of kidney disease, kidney stones, or other conditions, we are here to help you with the latest proven treatments in urology. For questions or to schedule care in our Chattanooga office, call (423) 778-8765.

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